Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shameless Plug

Do you know any Undercover Mexicans?

An undercover Mexican is a person that is of Mexican heritage, but is generally considered ambiguously ethnic or white or anything else other than Mexican (perhaps Pakistani or Indian even). Anthony Quinn, James Roday, me, and the majority of my family are good examples.

If you do know any, and feel like sharing, please submit a picture and the back story of an undercover Mexican you might know and/or love (famous or not, we all brothers undercover) to my other blog "Undercover Mexicans". I'd prefer a picture of the undercover Mexican not looking Mexican AND looking pretty Mexican... check out the other blog if you want examples. You can also submit any other bizarre Mexican related things for shits and giggles to as well. Just title your submission "Undercover Mexican." Thanks!


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